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From the Desk of Daniel Hall

Dear Friend:

Let’s face it. The most valuable thing you’ve got is time.

Who can afford to fritter it away?

Certainly, not you!

Yet, that’s what we seem to do… tick-tock… and before we know it another day goes by with way too little getting done.

I’m kinda of ashamed but I have confession. I’m going to reveal what it is in a moment but first I want to tell you that I fight these low-productivity, time-waste battles everyday just like you do.

The good news: For the most part I’m winning! And with what I’m about to show you…

You Can Win Your Time Battles, Too!

You see, I’m constantly on the prowl for ways to save time, particularly in my business.

Fortunately, I’ve found some great ways to save time but not sacrifice quality.

In fact, with what I’m about to show you in my Effective Time Savers video training you’ll be able to save at least 3 hours a week guaranteed!

And as we both know the more time you save the more money you can make. Time really is money.

Also, 3 hours is a very conservative weekly time savings. Of course, your mileage may vary but using what I’m about to show you, you’re about to save massive time… time that could be better used either making more money or having fun and enjoying time with the family.

Specifically, here’s what I want to share with you:

  • Three really cool ways to save 5 hours a week answering email
  • An absolute brilliant tool your clients can use to set appointments with you automatically taking zero of your time
  • Save 2 hours a week AND huge frustration by NEVER looking for a website password again.
  • Save time and hundreds of keystrokes PER DAY on your computer keyboard with this simple but absolutely brilliant resource.
  • A super effective tool for handling customer support within your business so you get freed up to make more money
  • The polite phone message that will save you 3 hours every week in NEEDLESS phone conversation
  • How to harness your Outlook email client so it does the work of at least one part-time virtual assistant!

That’s what I’m talking about. Cutting edge ways for saving you time WITHOUT thinking about it.

Here’s what I love. Time savers that you set up and they work automatically. You don’t have to think about them. They just work. Plain and simple.

That’s what you’ll get with this quick training “set it and forget it” ways to save time automatically.

Now here’s what I hate. Time management techniques that you have to work at and think about. Good luck with that.

If time management strategies require too much thought or work you an I both know that they will not be effective because it TAKES TIME and MENTAL HORSEPOWER to do them.

That’s what we’re trying to save – for cryin’ out loud – time and mental energy.

No, what you want are simple, easy to implement down-and-dirty ways to save time. That’s what you get in the Effective Time Savers video training.

Honestly, these techniques and resources will work for anyone who tries them but they are especially good for:

  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Authors
  • Speakers
  • Trainers
  • Internet Marketers
  • Copywriters
  • Sales Professionals
  • Any Information Marketer

Or anyone who uses the computer in their daily work.

Here’s a look at what we cover in each short video.

Video 1
In this video we show you the big picture on how all the methods and resources work together to automate many of your daily tasks that are currently costing you time and money.

Video 2
In video 2 we show the exact tools you need to drastically reduce the time (and money) you waste answering email.

Video 3
In video 3 we’re going to show you how-to cut out needless hours of phone calls EVERY WEEK without sacrificing personal or professional relationships.

Video 4
In this hard hitting video you’ll discover the secrets of great customer support with a minimum of time.

Video 5
In this video you’ll master all the little time saving shortcuts that could easily add several hours to your week.

Video 6
In this video we’ll show you how to set up a simple system of accountability so you WANT to stay focused and finish tasks and goals on time.

Video 7
In video #7 you’ll master a cool technique for finishing a task within a time certain. (Hint: I’m using it right now to polish up the copy on this sales page in EXACTLTY 30 minutes).

Video 8
If you use the Outlook email client you’re going to love these methods for cutting way down on the time it takes to answer emails. In fact, what once took you five minutes will now take you five seconds — tops!

Video 9
In the “a picture is worth a thousand words” video we’ll show you how to drastically save time by using a quick way to show a picture of what needs to be done rather than wasting precious time and words trying to describe it alone without pictures! This is really cool… and you’re going to love it.

Video 10
In video #10 you’ll see exactly how you save time by having your clients and customers happily and willingly self-schedule themselves for appointments with you and even how to have them pay for your services before you render services. This resource is perfect for coaches, consultants and professionals who meet (either in person or via telephone) clients one-on-one.

Video 11
In this video you’ll discover how to stop wasting time and enegry looking for login credentials to all the websites you use. Also, you’ll learn how to automatically fill in personal details when you order products and services.

A Smorgasbord of Time Savers

You’re really going to love this… all the techniques and resources in Effective Time Savers work independently of one another so you can pick and choose which ones you need.

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And here’s good news the Effective Time Savers video training is available for a limited time for only $14.97 plus its backed by my personal guarantee…

Personal, 100% Satisfaction, Money-Back Guarantee

I am so confident that you’ll absolutely love the Effective Time Savers videos that if you don’t save at least 3 hours per week (and the reality is you’ll probably save much more time than that) then simply let me know in the next 30 days and you’ll get a no-hassles and no-questions refund.

You simply can’t lose! Either you try these Effective Time Savers videos and you love them or you just let me know within 30 days and you’ll get all your money back.


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Now I told you earlier that I have a confession for you. Here it is…

By nature I am a champion dawdler… my default modus operandi is to waste as much time as possible as often as possible. I am truly a “take time to smell the roses” kind of guy. But I know now that this way of doing things is wasteful, costs my family in lifestyle and has a negative impact on my bank account.

That’s why I HAD to figure out ways to save time easily and automatically in spite of my natural inclination to waste time… that’s what the Effective Time Savers video training is all about… easy systems of time savings that don’t depend on your organization and time management skills.

So get your training now… before the price increase.

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Yours For Getting More Done Faster,

Daniel Hall

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